Quality Control & Systems

Risk assessment and auditing of Quality Management systems.

Authoring of global/corporate Organic System Plan (OSP) for growers, processors, handlers, exporters, and institutions.

Establishing preparatory programs for client quality and certifying/regulatory audits.

Griffin Gamma LLC., is a Fair Trade Certified Importer & Distributor of: 
• Shea Butter
• Palm Oil

• Ginger (Rhizomes, Oil & Oleoresin)

• Cassava

• Yam
• Other Agro-based products

Agro Certification, Training,  Sustainability

Griffin-Gamma is a Certified Distributor of Fair Trade/Organic Certified Plant Products such as Shea Butter, Ginger, Palm Oil, Cocoa. Our Shea Butter & Palm Oil are 100% Pure, Natural, Unrefined, hand-grown, and traditionally harvested by local women in the eastern mountains and highlands of Sub-Saharan Region in Africa. We have both conventional and certified products. As part of our commitment, we ensure that these women are empowered through fair trade and highly regulated international standards.

Griffin-Gamma LLC., assists growers and exporters of certified/organic products find market linkages; assistance with certification process; deploy training modules, tools and quality monitoring systems; development of quality and sustainable production schemes; and project management.

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